To Whom It May Concern


Subject : United States Coast Guard Inspections.

After several calls at US-Ports, with both good and not so good results, I have come to the conclusion that the following items will be demanded for presentation, investigated or requested demonstrated by the inspection teams from U.S.C.G.

Be aware that the inspection teams can include young people, who do not have any experience in commercial shipping, but who exclusively judge by what is written in their “Bible” : Code of Federal Regulations. Not that this is wrong, but do not start to argue with them.

They wont make any exceptions. What’s in the book, is in the book.


01. Ships ” Particulars”.. ( Written and general information about the ship ).


02. Ships Certificates :

     A.: Certificate of Financial Responsibility .. ( The special U.S.C.G. Certificate).

    B.: Safety Construction Certificate.

    C.: Safety Equipment Certificate.

    D.: Safety Radio Telephone Certificate.

    E.: International Oil Pollution Prevention .. (I.O.P.P.)

    F.: Load line & International Tonnage Certificate.


03. Masters Licence .. ( Acc. to STCW 95 ).

04. Officers Licences .. ( Acc. to STCW 95 ).

05. Ships Oil Record Book.

06. Ships Oil Transfer Procedures .. ( Should be posted ).

07. Crew Lists.

08. Name and address on the ships owner / manager and / or operator.

09. Aphis Inspection Letter.


10. Garbage Disposal Log .. ( Special attention will here be paid to were and when garbage has been delivered to shore facillities, if receipts has been received, and that all shipboard garbage which contains plastic material has been separated from other garbage.


11. Engine Room Inspection :

    A.: Ships Oily Water Separator.

    B.: Ships Emergency Steering.

    C.: Ships Marine Sanitary Device.

    D.: Ships Emergency Power Source and Switchboard.


12. Navigation Safety :

   A.: Nautical Charts .. ( BA. or US. But must be kept updated and corrected ).

   B.: Nautical Publications .. ( Valid Pilot Books, List of Lights & Tide Tables ).

   C.: Bridge Equipment .. ( Radio, Radar, Depth Sounder, GPS and other Navigational Equipment ).

   D.: Code Of Federal Regulations for Navigation, Shipping and Transportation.


13. SOLAS Safety :

   A.: International Shore Connection.

   B.: Updated Fireplans.

   C.: Emergency Fire Pump.

   D.: Fireman’s and Chemical Outfits.

   E.: All other Fire Fighting Equipment.


14. Lifesavings Equipment :

  A.: Lifeboats. Certificates and related Equipment.

  B.: Man-Over-Board Boats. Certificates and related Equipment.

  C.: Inflatable Life rafts. Certificates and related Equipment.


15. Dangerous Cargo Manifests, ( if such cargo is present on board. This requirement is also valid for any IMO cargo on board in transit. Be aware, if IMO cargo is carried on board, either for discharging, as part cargo or in transit, all rules and regulations in regards of Segregation, Separation and Safety Distances, according to the IMDG Code Must be followed to the letter ).


16. I.L.O. Regulations :

  A.: Crewmembers Health Certificates.

. B.: All Ships Personal Safety Equipment .. ( Helmets, Shoes, Gas Masks, Gloves etc. ).

  C.: Ships Working Environment in general.

  D.: Crews Living Quarters, cabins and mess rooms..

  E.: Ships Hospitals Facilities and Check of Ships Medical Supplies.

A written statement of ship owners / managers / operators adopted alcohol policy could also be required for presentation.


Any Comments ?